The National Coordinating Group

Following Momentum's 2022 leadership election, the following candidates have been elected as member and public office holder representatives on Momentum's National Coordinating Group.

Alongside the 26 member representatives and 3 public office holder representatives below, the NCG is also made up of 6 members nominated by affiliated trade unions and 4 members nominated by other affiliated organisations.

How do I contact the NCG?

You can contact the NCG by email - [email protected]

Updates and reports from the NCG

NCG meeting minutes can be found here

Full list of Momentum affiliates

Full list of Momentum affiliates

Yorkshire, Scotland, the North East, Cumbria, and International

Samayya Afzal

Aleem Bashir

Chantal Waring

South East 

Leila Erin-Jenkins

Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady

Hilary Schan


South West

Kieran Glasssmith

Jasmine Williams

Ruth Day


Maya Patel

Sarah Shepherd

Mish Rahman


Domanic Smith-Jones

Growth Working Group Chair

London & Eastern

Martin Abrams

Disputes Working Group Chair

Sasha Das Gupta

Vice-Chair, Organising Working Group Chair

Izella Drake

Lorcan Whitehead

National Secretary

Zac Bates Fisher

Sarah Warsama


Mohammad Suhail

Kate Dove


Andrew Hedges

Kathryn Manley

Chioma Mgbeokwere


Coll McCail

Public Office Holders

Rochelle Charlton-Lainé


Nyla Ibrahim

Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Labour for a Green New Deal

Labour Black Socialists


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