National Coordinating Group (NCG)

What is the NCG?

The NCG is Momentum’s highest body and is responsible for ensuring that the organisation operates in line with its aims and values. It is made up of representatives of ordinary members, affiliated trade unions and organisations and Labour public office holders. Elections are held annually for the NCG and all members can stand for a position and vote.

Nominations for the 2018 election ran from 14th March to 31st March, and voting ran from 1st April to 16th April. In total, 13,307 Momentum members voted – 35% of voters – for 12 members’ representatives and 4 representatives of Labour public office holders.

Please see here for a full breakdown of the results.


Who is on it?

The North, Scotland and International

Aneesa Akbar

Elizabeth Hayden

Officers Group

Liz Smith

John Taylor

The Midlands, the East, the West and Wales

Natasha Josette

Martin Menear

Officers Group

Michael Thawe

Cecile Wright

Officers Group

London and the South East

Apsana Begum

Becky Boumelha

Officers Group

Yannis Gourtsoyannis

Jon Lansman

Officers Group

Affiliated trade unions and organisations

Nominations and elections to be finalised early May 2018.


Labour Public Office Holders

Leigh Drennan

Officers Group

Joseph Ejiofor

Emine Ibrahim

Officers Group

Helen McDonald

How do I contact the NCG

You can contact the NCG by email – [email protected]


Updates/Reports from the NCG

NCG meeting minutes can be found here.

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