Are you a Momentum member looking to take your organising to the next level?

As part of Momentum’s new strategy to develop movement leaders and organisers at every level, this summer we are launching the Leo Panitch Leadership Programme.

Up to 40 Momentum members will get the opportunity to participate in this comprehensive leadership development programme that will focus on developing your political education, strategic understanding and organising skills, and building relationships with Momentum activists across the country. The Programme will include a range of individual and group activities, organised by our staff team and the National Coordinating Group, with the involvement of our allies across the movement.

The Programme is open to any Momentum member, but you must be committed to using the skills and relationships developed in the Programme to building Momentum and delivering on our strategic and organisational objectives, as outlined in Socialist Organising in a New Era, which you can read here.

If this sounds like the right programme for you, then apply to be part of the first ever Leo Panitch Leadership Programme. The deadline for applications is midnight on Wednesday May 19th and further details on how to apply are below.

You can find out more about the Leo Panitch Leadership Programme here, including why we’re running this it, and the skills and knowledge that we can support you to develop. This document also contains an FAQ.

How to Apply


To apply, just fill in our application form by midnight Wednesday May 19th. You can also complete the application in video form and send that to us.

Applicants will be notified if they are accepted on to the Programme by Wednesday June 2nd.

We particularly welcome applications from people who are: working class, BAME, LGBTQ+, disabled, and women, and we ask that you provide us with personal information to help facilitate this. We will also give greater preference to participants who have not already been on similar programmes (e.g. NEON’s Movement Builders, Unite Political School, Momentum’s Future Councillors Programme).

If you have any questions about the application process read our FAQ here or contact Rachel.

Alternatively, you can attend a Zoom call with our organising team at 6pm on April 28th to learn more about the programme and to ask questions. Register here.


  • Zoom drop-in on Wednesday April 28th at 6pm. Register here.
  • Application deadline at midnight on Wednesday May 19th
  • Successful participants notified by Wednesday June 2nd
  • Programme to start Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th August OR on Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd August
  • Programme end on Saturday 20th November

Nominate a Momentum member

Are you an active Local Momentum Group? Do you know a local member who’d be perfect for this Programme?

If you’re an active member of a local Momentum Group and if you know someone in your Group who’d be a fantastic fit for the Programme then we encourage your Group to officially nominate that person. Once we receive that nomination – which must be agreed on collectively by your Group – we’ll get in touch with the nominated individual and invite them to apply if they haven’t already.

Fill our our Local Momentum Group nomination form here.