Trade Unions

Momentum collaborates with Trade Unions to support worker’s rights and defend public services

Supporting workers rights

A Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government would introduce a £10 Living Wage for all, which would transform the lives of millions of low-paid workers. Getting the nation to demand better working conditions is something we are passionate about, and we work with unions to help bring this about. We created viral content and other digital tools to support the BFAWU campaign to end low wage and zero-hour contracts for McDonald’s and other service industry workers.

Work in the services industry, and want to join this campaign? Register your details at our microsite.

Defending public services

As a movement, we believe well funded public services should provide support for anyone who needs it. And those working at the frontline deserve fair pay. That’s why Momentum’s collaborated with the CWU to create a viral Christmas video alongside a campaign to protect local post offices from closure.

The video was shared by 11 thousand people and consequently reached over a million Facebook users in the run up to Christmas.

Picturehouse cinema strikes

Momentum supports Picturehouse Cinema workers striking for the Living Wage across 5 London cinemas. In response to organised strikes, staff have faced threats of sacking and disciplinary action.

Every worker, no matter their workplace, deserves a level of pay that provides them with a dignified life. Companies like Cineworld – the parent company to Picturehouse – are prioritising corporate greed over the security and well-being of their workers.

Join the campaign to support striking Picturehouse cinema workers.

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