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The World Transformed (TWT)

The World Transformed (TWT) launched in 2016 and has run two large festivals in parallel to the Labour Party Conference. These four day fringe festivals have brought together politics, culture, art and community.

This festival is centred on providing an open and inclusive space for ordinary people to assemble, share ideas for how to transform society for the better and strengthen networks in the process. Showcasing grassroots activists, world-class academics, artists and musicians, TWT sheds light on issues and ideas that the mainstream often doesn’t.

In the 2017 festival, TWT spanned nine venues across Brighton. 5,000 people attended over 200 hours of talks, workshops, art exhibitions and parties. High profile guests included Jeremy Corbyn, Naomi Klein, Diane Abbott, Ed Miliband, and Russell Brand.

If you’d like to get involved in organising TWT 2018, please contact [email protected].

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