Welcome to Momentum

Let’s build a Britain for the many

Welcome to Momentum

Let's build a Britain for the many
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Introducing Momentum

Momentum is a people-powered, grassroots movement working to transform Britain in the interests of the many, not the few.

Together, we’re campaigning locally and nationally to build power in our communities, strengthen our rights at work and elect a socialist Labour government.

Upcoming Events & Campaigns

Labour Party Conference 2019

Labour Party Conference is the sovereign body in the Party’s policy-making process, where delegates come together to discuss and decide rule changes and policies.

Bankrupt Climate Change

We’re staging creative direct actions at Barclays branches in towns and cities across the UK to pressure the bank to stop funding the fossil fuel companies.


We’re collaborating with Owen Jones to target constituencies where prominent Tory MPs have a small majority. These winnable seats could make the difference for Labour at the next general election.


and counting

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