Internal Labour Party Ballots 2023

Last updated 10th May 2023

Labour Party delegates to Conference (Sun 8th-Wed 11th October) will be able to vote for representatives on the National Constitutional Committee and Conference Arrangements Committee, and women delegates attending the Women’s Conference (on Sat 7th October) will be able to vote for representatives on the National Women’s Committee. Momentum has agreed three complete, unified slates of candidates with other organisations in  the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA). The endorsements have been made in line with Momentum’s commitment to promoting equalities and opposing all forms of discrimination and oppression (see our statement here). 

CLPs have until midday Friday 23rd June to submit nominations for all positions. You can let us know who your CLP nominated by filling out this survey:

National Constitutional Committee

The National Constitutional Committee deals with disciplinary cases referred to it by the NEC Disputes Committee, often dealing with appeals against NEC decisions to expel for supporting proscribed groups. 

This year, there will be a ballot for four members’ representatives on the NCC, with votes cast by delegates at Party Conference. It is important the NCC upholds the party’s rule book in a fair and just manner. It is crucial that members are represented by NCC reps who defend Labour as a broad, inclusive and pluralistic party.

Momentum and the CLGA are supporting the following five candidates:

Candidate CLP Membership Number
Harry Stratton Bethnal Green and Bow L1764378
Dave Levy Lewisham Deptford A006829
Marion Roberts Camberwell and Peckham A009691
Jabran Hussain Bradford West L0058388
Annabelle Harle Cardiff West A002070


Conference Arrangements Committee 

Elections for the two members’ representatives on the Conference Arrangements Committee will take place at Conference, elected by CLP delegates. The CAC oversees the agenda and running of Conference, and is an 8-person committee including 5 General Section representatives (also elected this year, voted for by trade union and CLP delegates), and 1 disabled representative (also voted for by trade union and CLP delegates, to be elected next year). 

Momentum and the CLGA are supporting the following two candidates in the CLP section:

Candidate CLP Membership Number
Chris Saltmarsh Sheffield Central  L1180242
Jean Crocker Gateshead L1306356


National Women’s Committee

This year the Women’s Conference will be held on Saturday 7th October, the day before Conference. The Women’s Conference will elect the National Women’s Committee, whose responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To lead political work relating to women members. 
  2. To organise women members. 
  3. To build the Labour Party amongst women across the country. 
  4. To strengthen the voice and presence of women throughout the Labour Party.

Retaining a socialist and feminist influence on the NWC is vital. An active NWC can work towards making these aims and values a reality, holding the rest of the Party to account and boosting feminist voices within the Party. With the Tory government failing women on issues ranging from menopause leave to funding for women’s refuges, it’s vital that there is a strong feminist voice shaping Labour’s policies ahead of its next manifesto, as well as standing up for women’s interests across the Party.

The CLGA and Momentum are supporting the following candidates for the National Women’s Committee. You can read their statement here.

Candidate CLP Membership No.
Chloe Hopkins North Tyneside L1492882
Helen Smith Tynemouth L1164590
Cecile Wright Derby North A481880
Claudia Boes Cardiff West L1318806
Zoe Allan Brecon & Radnorshire L1393044
Juliet Miller South West Hertfordshire  L1636941


Conference Delegate Elections & AGMs

CLPs have until 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2023 to elect delegates, and nominate for the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC).

The Labour Party has confirmed that delegates for the 2023 Conference will be elected under current boundaries

The timing of AGMs will vary depending on when their last AGM was and whether the CLP will change due to the boundary review.

Delegate entitlements

CLPs are entitled to one delegate for the first 749 full members and a further delegate for every additional 250 individual members. In CLPs where there are 100 or more women members, an additional woman delegate may be appointed. In CLPs where there are 30 or more young members, an additional delegate under the age of 27 may be appointed. To be eligible for nomination, delegates must have joined the Labour Party on or before December 2022. No CLP can send more than 6 delegates. 

At least every second delegate from a CLP shall be a woman; where only one delegate is appointed this must be a woman at least in every other year. In a year where a CLP is required to send a female delegate, following a male delegate in the preceding year, but is unable to find one, they will not be entitled to send a man as delegate. In the following year, permission may be granted to send a male delegate if they demonstrate to the conference arrangements committee that they have made every effort to seek a woman delegate.


This webpage covers internal Labour Party ballots and elections only. For more information about policies and rule changes, see our page here.



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