Women’s Conference and Women’s Committee

The Labour Party’s National Annual Women’s Conference 2021 (NAWC2021) is set to be held online on 25-27 June 2021.

For the first time in decades, Women’s Conference will elect a Women’s Committee that will represent women in the Labour Party. The composition of the Women’s Committee will be as follows:

  • Six members elected by CLPs at the Labour Party Women’s Conference
  • Six members elected by affiliated trade unions at the Labour Party Women’s Conference
  • One member elected by Socialist Societies at the Labour Party Women’s Conference
  • One member elected by the Women’s PLP
  • One member elected by women members of the ALC
  • One member appointed by each of any Scottish or Welsh Women’s Committee
  • The NEC Vice Chair for Women

Who we are backing

This is a fantastic opportunity to advance the rights of women and argue for a socialist feminist politics that benefit working class women from all backgrounds – and we need the best of our movement to stand for this vital Committee.

So here’s who we’re backing:

  • Solma Ahmed (membership number B041818) – Momentum NCG member and a fierce campaigner for women’s rights with a history of supporting marginalised and migrant women in housing and education.
  • Ekua Bayunu (membership number L1514209) – experienced anti-racist campaigner and former secretary of Manchester Labour Women’s Forum, active in Greater Manchester Tenants’ Union and the Socialist Health Association, as well as being a council candidate in this year’s local elections.
  • Tricia Duncan (membership number A489847) – backed by our affiliate Campaign for Socialism, Vice Chair of both the Scottish Policy Forum and Scottish Labour Women’s Committee, and a dedicated trade unionist and campaigner to save hospitals.
  • Chloe Hopkins (membership number L1492882) – former 2019 General Election candidate, and an experienced CLP activist and multiple-time delegate to Labour conferences, currently working as a town councillor and community campaigner.

We need you to support these candidates, who are backed by a wide range of allied organisations from across the Labour left.

Chloe, Ekua and Tricia are all on the Grassroots Labour Women slate and we hope there will be close cooperation amongst the left at this critical time.

All candidates are committed to promoting an anti-racist and class-conscious socialist and feminist agenda, and to opposing all forms of discrimination, including a commitment to trans rights and gender self-identification.

How can you get involved?

Each Women’s Branch (or CLP if there is no Women’s Branch) may elect two delegates with one of the two places reserved for an LGBT+, BAME or disabled woman. It is essential that members elect delegates who are fully committed to supporting a socialist and feminist agenda on the Women’s Committee.

Alongside this each Women’s Branch/CLP may make up to six nominations for the candidates they would like to see elected to the Committee. We’re asking you to nominate these Momentum-backed candidates before May 28.

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