London Regional Board

***Update – CAC Candidates***

Please ask your CLP to nominate the following candidates for the London Labour Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC).

Hasib Baber
Theresa Byrne
Kathryn Johnson

The above three candidates are supported by London Labour Left and Momentum. Click on the links for their statements.

This is urgent as CLPs can submit their nominations to the London Region up till noon on 25 February. CLPs have been advised by the Party that they can nominate up to three CAC reps to represent CLPs, of which at least 2 must be women.

CLP nominations should be in an email with the heading: ‘CAC NOMINATION’ to [email protected] The deadline is noon on Monday 25 February. Only delegates to London Regional Conference can be nominated to the CAC.

Voting will take place at the London Regional Conference, which is on Saturday 2 March and Sunday 3 March.

Momentum and London Labour Left-Backed Candidates for the Regional Board

CLPs have until noon on February 1st 2019 to make nominations for the Regional Board. They will be invited to make nominations for two CLP representatives (at least one of whom has to be a woman) from their own Section, who will be elected by the CLP delegates from the same Section at the London Conference. Momentum is working with other progressive organisations and stakeholders to build a slate which is fully capable of effectively representing the members of the London and transforming the regional Labour Party. Following an open application process, and discussions with the other organisations, we are supporting the following candidates,  who we believe represent a diversity of skills and experience, as well as gender and ethnicity, and are fully committed to transforming the London Labour Party.

  • Section 1 – London Assembly constituencies of South-West (Hounslow, Kingston, Richmond) and Ealing & Hillingdon: Rheian Davies and Ranjeev Walia
  • Section 2 – London Assembly constituencies of West Central (Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster) and Merton & Wandsworth: Francis Prideaux and Fay Dowker
  • Section 3 – London Assembly constituencies of Lambeth & Southwark and Croydon & Sutton: Sam Green and James McAsh
  • Section 4 – London Assembly constituencies of Greenwich & Lewisham and Bexley & Bromley: Munir Malik and Dorinda Duncan
  • Section 5 – London Assembly constituencies of City & East (City, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Barking & Dagenham) and Havering & Redbridge: Bob Littlewood and Apsana Begum
  • Section 6 – London Assembly constituencies of North-East (Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest and Enfield and Haringey: Emina Ibrahim and Claudia Webbe
  • Section 7 – London Assembly constituencies of Barnet & Camden and Brent & Harrow: Jumbo Chan and Aghileh Djarfani-Marbini

If your CLP Secretary asks for a statement to consider the candidate’s nominations, please send them one of these. If you require any further information, please write to us at [email protected].

In addition, CLPs can also make nominations for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Women’s Officer, Disabilities Officer, Ethnic Minorities Officer, LGBT Officer, as well as two representatives on the National Policy Forum. These positions will be elected by an electoral college, of which CLP delegates will hold 50% and affiliates will hold the other 50%:

Electing Delegates to Regional Conference from CLPs

The deadline for delegates to be registered is 12 noon, January 21st 2019.

CLP Secretaries have already been notified of their delegate entitlements. Delegations must be gender balanced, and CLPs who only send one delegate have to alternate between men and women each year. As with card votes at the Annual Conference, CLP delegates’ votes are weighted according to their membership.

Already elected your delegates?

For those of you who have already elected their delegates, we have prepared a survey for collecting delegate information, allowing us to communicate with left-wing delegates at the conference. Click this link to complete the survey – This is particularly important if you are a delegate and would like to be contacted by us before and during Party Conference. Please also make sure your CLP Secretary registers the delegates before the January 1st deadline at

Motions for the London Conference

The deadline for CLPs and affiliates to submit a motion to the London Regions Conference is 1 February. Motions can be a maximum of 250 words. There will be an online priority ballot to select the topics of motions debated at conference, running from 5 February to 15 February. There will be one vote per delegation cast by a CLP’s lead delegate. If a CLP’s motion topic is chosen for debate it can send a delegate to a compositing meeting on the evening of 18 February. The deadline for receipt of Emergency Motions is 26 February.

Below are some model motions for consideration:

All Model Motions

What does the London Regional Board do?

One of the most important ways that Labour Party members can drive the democratic transformation of the Labour Party is via regional boards. Regional Boards are the elected bodies tasked with ensuring fairness and due process in key internal procedures such as appeals on local government selections, disciplinary cases, in the case of London the shortlisting of candidates to the Great London Assembly (GLA), and Parliamentary selections. More broadly, the Regional Board has the responsibility of holding the regional office to account and making sure that the development of the regional party is representative of the views of members.

The London Board is comprised of representatives of CLPs, trade unions, socialist societies, Young Labour, the Co-Operative Party, London Councils Labour Group, and the Parliamentary Labour Party. The London Region has its Conference every year, and re-elects the board every two years. This year the London Regional Conference will be on Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd, and will re-elect the regional board.

What are the rules of the London Regional Board?

To date, each region has had its own standing orders, which are only amendable at regional Conferences, although these rules will be standardised as part of the Democracy Review. The most recent version of the Standing Orders for the London Region are here.

How often does the Regional Board meet?

The London regional board meets 4-6 times per year, although CLP representatives may be required to attend other meetings as well, including appeal panels, subcommittee meetings, and selection committee meetings.