Labour will give the people the final say on Brexit. Within three months of coming to power, a Labour government will secure a decent and sensible deal. And within six months, we will hold a public vote with two options: a credible leave deal, or remain.


Brexit has divided Britain

  • The Tories have failed for three years to get Brexit sorted, in a shambles of repeated delays and uncertainty.
  • Johnson’s deal would leave the UK £70 billion worse off by 2029; it would give the green light to deregulation, undermining UK manufacturing; and it would leave our NHS at the mercy of a trade deal with Donald Trump.
  • The Lib Dems’ promise to revoke article 50 is undemocratic and unrealistic.


Labour’s unifying Brexit plan

  • Labour is the only party offering a democratic solution to Brexit.
  • Our solution is unifying, cutting across divisive leave-remain political manoeuvring and bringing people together over issues we share:
    • A catastrophic no deal will be off the table.
    • A new Brexit deal will protect jobs, rights and the environment, avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland and protecting the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process. The NHS is off the table in any new trade deal.
    • Once we have secured this deal, we will put it to a legally binding referendum alongside a remain option. This will take place within the first six months of a Labour government.

Labour’s Manifesto: Bitesized

Labour has a plan to transform Britain. Let us fill you in on the details.

Work, justice, migration, equality


The NHS and care

Public ownership

Green industrial revolution

Economy for the many




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