Labour’s foreign policy will be centred on peace, human rights, security, international law and tackling climate change.


‘Bomb first, talk later’? A failed approach to international security

Failed military interventions in countries like Libya have worsened security across North Africa, accelerating the refugee crisis.


Under the Conservatives:
  • Boris Johnson refuses to publish the report into possible foreign interference by Russia in UK democracy.
  • Army personnel have been cut from 102,000 to just over 74,000, with pay and conditions slashed.


Labour’s new internationalism: peace, human rights and justice
  • War Powers Act so that conventional military action must go through parliament.
  • Suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen and to Israel for arms used in violation of the human rights of Palestinian civilians.
  • Reform of our arms exports regime.
  • Audit of the impact of Britain’s colonial legacy.
  • £400m investment in promoting peace, delivering global climate agreements and securing political settlements to critical issues.
  • Inquiry into our country’s alleged complicity in rendition and torture.
  • Putting climate diplomacy at the heart of our foreign policy.
  • Working for UN reform, emphasising democratisation, peace and conflict prevention.

Labour’s Manifesto: Bitesized

Labour has a plan to transform Britain. Let us fill you in on the details.

Work, justice, migration, equality


The NHS and care

Public ownership

Green industrial revolution

Economy for the many




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