Monday Briefings


Summary from Sunday

Yesterday many delegates argued to reject the CAC report because the NEC-backed rule changes arising from the Democracy Review would be debated before overlapping rule changes on the agenda, with the latter CLP motions falling if the former were passed of the latter falling. Delegates argued that they should have the right to debate different options at the same time. The result of the resulting card vote was that 90.5% of the CLP section voted to reject the report, demonstrating massive discontent with much of the contents of the Democracy Review and the failure to give delegates genuine opportunities to debate various options at Conference.


During the debates themselves, the delegates argued in opposition to Card Vote 6, on the basis that it add more thresholds to candidates wishing to stand as leader, and there was a lively debate about Card Vote 8. Momentum argued in favour of voting for Card Vote 8 on the basis that it would shift the balance of power in favour of party members in local Constituencies, and there is no guarantee that any of the remaining rule changes on the agenda would get voted through if this one was defeated. The results of these card votes will be announced at the beginning of Conference.

Meanwhile, in the Priorities Ballot, the most popular categories were Housing, Justice for the Windrush Generation, Schools System, and Palestine, in line with Momentum’s suggestions, demonstrating strong support for debating a broad range of domestic and international issues.

Recommendations for Today


References Back on the National Policy Forum

As of last year, delegates are able to reference back parts of the National Policy Forum. The details on how to do this are on page 13 of Sunday’s CAC report, and the list of references back scheduled is on page 14. Momentum has also asked delegates to submit applications for references backs in advance if they want us to support references back. These applications have been assessed by our National Coordinating Group, who have opted to support reference backs which have a compelling political and procedural case.

In particular, Momentum is supporting reference backs which identify and challenge parts of the NPF report which contradict or ignore existing party policy or decisions, and which are supported by activists as part of broader activist-led initiatives to develop and radicalise party policy. We cannot guarantee support for reference backs which are moved from the floor, of of which we were not made aware in advance. If moving reference back, please stick closely to the procedures the CAC have outlined in this area to ensure the smooth running of conference.

Although flawed, the NPF will be continued for at least another year, and will shortly be reinvigorated with the introduction of new candidates, most of whom are from the most progressive wing of the party. Therefore it is important to take its procedures seriously.


Within this framework, Momentum encourages delegates to vote for the following reference backs today:



Colne Valley CLP: Early Years, Education and Skills

Colne Valley are supporting reference back because there has been no serious effort to address their reference back on last year’s NPF report, which correctly highlighted the failure of that report to directly challenge academisation.



Hampstead and Kilburn: Housing, Local Government and Transport

Hampstead and Kilburn have correctly identified the failure of this year’s NPF Report to incorporate the composited motion on housing passed at last year’s Conference, which committed the party to full ‘binding’ ballots of residents before regeneration schemes.


Composite Motions

4 composite motions will be debated today, on the following subjects:

Housing, An Economy for the Many, In-Work Poverty, and Schools System. Momentum recommends support for all four composites


Emergency Motions

2 emergency motions will be debated today, on the Grenfell fire and on the Crisis in the Car Industry. Momentum recommends support for both emergency motions.