The 2023 National Policy Forum process will produce a policy platform to be put to Annual Conference in Liverpool this October. It is from this platform that the general election manifesto will be drawn. As such, it provides an opportunity for CLPs and Branches to make interventions with a view to promote bold socialist policies. 

The National Policy Forum is made up of six Policy Commissions, each responsible for a different area of policy. The six commissions have released consultation papers comprising seven questions each to which CLPs and Branches have from now until the 17th March to respond. Momentum has produced six model submissions to each of the commissions to take to your next Branch and/or CLP meeting. These are not exhaustive responses, but rather should serve as a basis to work from.

View our model submissions to each commission here:

All of the policies included across our model submissions have been drawn from the best of our movement, whether it be the 2017 and 2019 Manifestos, Conference motions, trade union policy papers, or our own policy primary process.

N.B. CLPs and Branches can submit as much as a response to every question from every commission, or just one question from one commission.

This consultation process and annual conference represent the two key opportunities all Party members have to make their views known on what goes in the manifesto. It is therefore essential that as many Branches and CLPs submit before the 17th March.


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