NCG Elections 2022



Voting is now closed.

 3,380  members voted in the elections for Momentum’s National Coordinating Group.  You can view the full breakdown of votes cast here.

     Successful Candidates

    London & Eastern
    Martin Abrams


    Sonali Bhattacharyya


    Sasha Das Gupta


    Izella Drake


    Imogen Tranchell


    Lorcan Whitehead

    South East
    Leila Erin-Jenkins

    Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady

    Hilary Schan


    South West
    Lillian Chasteau

    Kieran Glasssmith

    Ruth Day



     Mish Rahman

    Maya Patel

    Sarah Shepherd

    Domanic Smith-Jones


    Thirza Asanga-Rae

    Kate Dove

    Andrew Hedges

    Kathryn Manley

    Mohammad Suhail


    Coll McCail


    Cathy Augustine


    Yorkshire, Northern Ireland & International
    Samayya Afzal


    Aleem Bashir

    Chantel Waring


    Public Office Holders

     Rochelle Charlton-Lainé

    Nyla Ibrahim

    Samuel Sweek


     STV with diversity quotas: how it worked

    Below you can find the number of seats that were up for election in each of the reformed regions, as well as the distribution of reserved seats in order to elect a minimum of 13/26 women and 6/26 BAME members.

    • London & Eastern: 6 seats, of which at least 3 women and 2 BAME
    • South East: 3 seats, of which at least 1 woman and 1 BAME
    • South West: 3 seats, of which at least 2 women
    • Midlands: 4 seats, of which at least 2 women and 1 BAME
    • North West & North East: 5 seats, of which at least 2 women and 2 BAME
    • Yorkshire, Northern Ireland and International: 3 seats, of which at least 2 women
    • Scotland: 1 seat, unreserved
    • Wales: 1 seat, which must be a woman

    Please note that for regions that elect odd numbers of seats, the distribution of reserved seats will alternate from one election cycle to the next. For more details, see here.

    Please also note that in addition to the directed elected seats, Scotland and Wales are additionally represented on the NCG via our affiliated organisations Campaign for Socialism and Welsh Labour Grassroots, giving them 2 seats each in total.

    Public Office Holder seats

    For the first time, all members were able to vote on the Public Office Holder places on the NCG. The electoral college for these places was 2/3 members that are Labour members of the UK, Scottish or Welsh Parliaments, London Assemblies, Elected Mayors or Police Commissioners, or Labour members of a British local authority (‘public office holders’); and 1/3 all other members. One of these four seats is now reserved for the Socialist Campaign Group, and across the four seats two must be occupied by members who identify as women and one of whom as BAME.

    There was no nomination threshold or process for public office holders – this election proceeds straight to a ballot.