Open selections


Last year at Labour Party conference, Momentum supporters won changes which give Labour members the opportunity to campaign for fair and open selections in every constituency and open the door to a new generation of MPs.

For too long, politics has been dominated by posh white men from expensive private schools. With another white, male, privately-educated millionaire now in 10 Downing Street, we need to make sure the rising stars of the Labour Party look and sound very different. 

People feel deeply alienated by our broken political system, and campaigning for open selections across the country will help enable a new generation of young, BAME, and working class leaders to take on the political establishment and provide a genuine alternative. 

Momentum are supporting our members to push for open selections across the country and give this new generation a shot at parliament. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be providing staff support for activists pushing for open selections in key seats, creating resources and guidance to help activists push for open selections locally, and campaigning for open selections at a national level.

For our guide to getting an open selection in your area, please click below.

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