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We have the energy, the ideas and the determination - use this page to learn how to campaign more effectively.


Our people-powered movement is fast-paced and energetic. We learn as we go and we draw on inspiration from campaigns that have come before us. These guides reveal how to take action in your community and beyond.

The Activist Handbook

Learn the skills to maximise your impact on the doorstep or when out campaigning.

A brief guide to getting active in the Labour Party

Recently joined Labour? Fantastic! Here’s how to get more involved.

Labour Party jargon buster

Puzzled about what PLP means? Not sure what NEC stands for? This handy guide clears everything up.

Councillor selection and local groups

Councillors play crucial roles in our communities. Considering becoming one? This guide explains the process.

For new and newly enthused Labour Party members

Untangle the ‘bureaucratese’ – use this guide from members in Sheffield to decipher Labour’s complicated rules and party structure.

Momentum Press Pack

Get to know the facts about the movement – our history, our achievements, some case studies, and much more.


A picture says a thousand words. You can share them on social media or with your family and friends, and they’ll be handy to use for campaigning.

How does the Labour Party work?

Getting active in your local Labour Party is complicated. This infographic helps clear things up.

Becoming a conference delegate

Learn how to become a delegate, and have a say on crucial decisions for the future of the Party.


When campaigning, showcase ideas for transforming Britain for the better and provide a starting point for conversations about how we get there.

Our NHS is on life support

The NHS is there for us when we need it. Now it needs us. Spread the word about how much damage has been done to it by the Government.

Democracy SOS

Make sure those around you don’t lose their vote due to falling off the electoral register.

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Community organising in Preston


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