Sunday Briefing

Democracy Review – A brief summary

On Tuesday the NEC met to agree on a series of rule changes arising from the Democracy Review. Overall these rule changes fall well short of the expectations of party members, and do not bring about a significant transformation of party structures. Today these rule changes will be voted on in packages for each subject by card vote. Momentum is making no recommendation on the package on leadership elections, because they fall short of the aspirations of party members. On all other packages, Momentum recommends qualified support. This includes support for Card Vote 8 on Westminster Selections, which reforms the existing trigger ballot mechanism. Whilst this reform falls short of open selections, it will significantly increase the voice of members, and should be supported. In the long-term Momentum will continue to campaign for open selections.


Reference Back


Once the CAC report is delivered at 10.40am, delegates who are unhappy with the agenda, particularly if they disagree with the fact that rule changes deemed consequential to the Democracy Review will not be debated alongside NEC-backed rule changes, can approach the rostrum and call for reference back on the CAC report.


In addition, Momentum is calling for delegates to support reference back on the CAC report. The agenda produced by the CAC means that rule changes on BAME and Disabled members’ representation will be heard in the same short time slot as a host of other completely unrelated changes to NEC composition. The number of BAME and Disabled speakers could therefore be vanishingly small, and the time allocated insufficient.

All rule changes concerning BAME and Disabled members, both from the Democracy Review and from the grassroots, including the rule change supported by Battersea CLP for the BAME NEC place to be decided by a 100% One Member One Vote of BAME members must be scheduled alongside each other in their own dedicated session to allow proper debate. Support reference back.


Priorities Ballot

Momentum is recommending support for Justice for Windrush, Schools System, Housing, and Palestine. We believe this combination of subjects will unify the Party around Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist, internationalist, and humanitarian politics. Brexit is certain to be on the agenda as it will be prioritised through the union section, and therefore any CLP vote to prioritise Brexit will be a wasted vote.


CAC report 1: Things you might have missed


  • Time limits for various kinds of conference speeches on page 10
  • The CAC have clarified that they will consider reference backs on NPF reports that arise during the course of the conference, not just those indicated in advance on page 13. Please stick closely to the procedures the CAC have outlined in this area to ensure the smooth running of conference.
  • A list of democracy review “consequentials” from page 56. This is a list of rule changes tabled for Tuesday that will fall if certain democracy review packages are accepted.
  • A full seating plan of conference floor on page 65. This will help you to easily follow all the action.


Which vote?

Momentum recommendation

Priorities ballot

Justice for Windrush, Schools System, Housing, and Palestine

Card Vote 1: Individual Members’ Rights


Card Vote 2: Local Structures : CLPs (CLP and Branch Structure)


Card Vote 3: Regional Structures


Card Vote 4: National Structures: NEC

Support reference back so that CLP rule changes can be debated alongside the NEC recommended rule change on BAME Labour. If that fails, support NEC changes.

Card Vote 5 : National Structures: National Conferences


Card Vote 6: National Structures – Leadership Elections

No recommendation

Card Vote 7: National Constitutional Committee


Card Vote 8: Westminster Selections

Support. Whilst the proposal falls short of open selections, it would significantly shift the balance of power in a number of sitting MPs where the MP is unpopular and members are well organised. It is a major advance for the left.