Future Councillors Programme

The next few years will bring huge political upheaval. We know our movement has the ideas and energy to build a better world from the rubble of this crisis. And, in local government, we have the opportunity.

Already, socialist councillors in places like Salford, Preston, Brighton and elsewhere are delivering progressive change in their communities. With selections to become a Labour councillor in 2022 coming up fast, this is your chance to join them.


We publish regular reports from various Labour Party committees, including the National and Regional Executive Committees (NEC and REC).

Find out more about these committees here.


You can find all our updates about Momentum members transforming the Labour party below:

Momentum’s Councillor Network and Coronavirus

MOMENTUM’S COUNCILLOR NETWORK AND CORONAVIRUS   Labour councillors must be leaders in combating coronavirus. With frontline experience of supporting vulnerable groups, links across communities and power in local government, they are uniquely placed to help in...

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Regional Executive Committees

   Regional Executive Committees   Momentum is currently taking applications for our slate for two regional executive comittees: South East Regional Executive Committee East Midlands Regional Executive Committee Please click the links above if you would like to...

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Labour Party Conference 2019

Labour Party Conference 2019 UPDATE: Momentum is supporting Wayne Blackburn (Pendle, L1219739) to be disabled representative on the Conference Arrangements Committee. CLPs have until June 28th to make nominations. Labour Party Conference is the sovereign body in the...

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Labour Committee Reports

   Labour Party Committee Reports Reports from Momentum members and others from Labour Committees National Executive Committee (NEC) January 2021 GV5 Report  Gemma Bolton and Mish Rahman Zoom Report Back (November 2020) Jon Lansman zoom report back from recent NEC...

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NCC elections 2018

NCC elections 2018   Following a rule change passed at this year’s Labour Party Conference, there are now elections for six additional CLP representatives to serve for approximately 3 years on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). The NCC is the highest...

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East Mids REC 2020

East Midlands Regional Executive Committee Elections 2020   Please find our slate application form here. What will the composition of the EM REC be for the elections? Currently the region is organised into five sub-regions, from which 2 CLP representatives were...

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South East REC 2020

South East Regional Executive Committee Elections, 2020   Who is currently on the South East Regional Executive Committee? Details of the representatives on the SE REC can be found on the South East Labour Party webpage here. How do I know what the current...

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Labour’s NEC 2018 Campaign

Labour's NEC 2018 Campaign Constituency Labour Parties currently have the chance to nominate nine representatives for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Momentum are supporting the following candidates, all of whom working to secure the election of a...

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Democracy Review

Labour Party Democracy Review The Labour Party Democracy Review represents an unprecedented opportunity for party members and trade union affiliates to fundamentally reshape the party so that it provides meaningful representation to millions and to...

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National Policy Forum 2018

National Policy Forum 2018 Constituency Labour Parties currently have the chance to nominate representatives to serve for approximately two years on the National Policy Forum (NPF). The NPF is the Labour Party’s rolling policymaking institution. It has 55...

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