There will be a large number of national-level, internal Labour Party elections happening in 2022, which constitute a crucial opportunity for the left to rebuild power in the party. Positions where Momentum are likely to support candidates include the following

National Executive Committee

Momentum are supporting the following candidates for the NEC:

  • CLP Section: Mish Rahman, Gemma Bolton, Jess Barnard, and Yasmine Dar.
  • Youth Rep: Lara McNeill
  • BAME Rep: Ankunda Matsiko
  • Disabled Members’ Rep: Ellen Morrison
  • Welsh Rep: Lynn Jones

For full information on the candidates, see the Future We Need website here

 Local Government Representatives

Momentum are supporting Matt White and Aneesa Akbar for the NEC Local Government Representatives. You can see their campaign website here. 

 Voting opens on Monday 25th July, and closes on Tuesday 19th August.

The upcoming elections are to determine the following positions:

  • CLP representatives (9 positions available, elected by single transferable voting) 
  • The Welsh representative, elected by Welsh members
  • Youth, Disabled and BAME members’ representatives, elected by a 50/50 electoral college (50% trade unions, 50% members from the respective groups)
  • 2 councillor positions elected by councillors and Mayors


  • Young Labour National Committee
  • Labour Students
  • BAME Members’ Committee

Momentum are currently looking for applications for the NEC Councillor positions and the BAME NEC Rep position and are also soliciting expressions of interest for future elections of the BAME Members’ Committee of the National BAME Labour Organisation, which was agreed at Party Conference. We will communicate with Momentum members on the other elections later in the year. 

Election timetable:

The details of this year’s NEC elections have not yet been published by the Party. However, nominations are likely to be open between January and June of 2022, followed by One Member One Vote balloting commencing in July. Timetables may vary according to the election. 

NEC CLP Rep positions:

These positions represent party members on the NEC. Key details as follows:

  • There are 9 positions available, and at least 4 of them must be women. Because of the STV voting system used, Momentum will only be looking to endorse a maximum of 5 candidates, and will be re-endorsing any incumbents who are standing again, so we are looking for 1 candidate.
  • 12 months membership requirement
  • Must be nominated by at least five CLPs.

NEC BAME Rep position:

This position represents BAME members on the NEC. Key details are as follows:

  • 12 months membership
  • Must self-identify as BAME and have registered that with the Party (this can be done using this form here)
  • There is likely to be a nomination requirement – previously it was 5 BAME forums/branches or a CLP is there isn’t one)
  • Elected by an electoral college consisting of 50% OMOV of all members who identify as BAME and 50% of affiliated trade unions.
  • 2 year term.

Due to the major role of the trade unions in deciding half of the vote, Momentum are particularly interested in candidates who stand a chance of winning trade union support. 


NEC Councillor Positions:

Momentum intends to support candidates for the two NEC councillor positions in 2022 and will work with other progressive organisations to agree a slate. Key details are as follows:

  • 12 months membership
  • Member of the Association of Labour Councillors
  • There is likely to be a nomination requirement – previously it was 5 Labour groups
  • Elected by an OMOV ballot of all eligible councillors, Mayors, and Metro Mayors.
  • 2 year term.


Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Members Committee:

In addition to the BAME NEC Rep position there will also be elections for the BAME Members’ Committee, which was introduced at the 2021 Conference. It shall have a range of powers, including representing BAME members and tackling institutional racism in the Party. Although not perfect, this new structure is the fruit of campaigning by BAME Party members during the Democracy Review, in response to institutional racism in society and the Party and the inadequacy of the undemocratic and untransparent BAME Labour organisation (for further information see Momentum’s Democracy Review submission here). The BAME Members’ Committee will be comprised of the following:

  • 11 members representing CLPs, at least 5 of whom must be women.
  • One member appointed by each of any Scottish or Welsh BAME Members Committee, each of whom must be a woman at least every other term.
  • 11 members elected by affiliated trade unions at the Labour Party BAME Members Conference, at least five of whom must be women.
  • 2 members elected by BAME Labour, one representing Party members and one representing the trade unions, at least one of whom must be a woman.
  • One member elected by BAME Members of the PLP, who must be a woman at least every other term and who must be a backbench MP.
  • One member elected by BAME members of the ALC, who must be a woman at least every other term.
  • The Black Asian Minority Ethnic Members’ NEC rep
  • The Chair of the National BAME Members Committee. The Chair shall be a woman at least every other term. The Chair shall be elected by delegates to the Labour Party Black Asian Minority Ethnic Members National Conference, by means of a ballot on a card vote basis, with votes weighted to 50% CLPs and 50% affiliated organisations.


National Policy Forum (NPF):

55 members will be elected to the National Policy Forum (NPF) on a regional basis via One Member One Vote (OMOV, 5 representatives per region). To express an interest in standing, please fill in and submit the form by Tuesday 25 January at 6pm.


Application Process:

If you think you might make a good candidate for one of these positions then we want to hear from you! Here’s what you need to know:

Who should apply? Being an NEC representative calls for certain skills and experience – have a read through our person specification here. Each of the positions requires specific experience relating to the positions. For example, it is essential that candidates demonstrate in their applications why they think they would be well placed to win the support of the relevant electorates, such as the trade unions in the case of the BAME NEC position for example. 

How to apply for Momentum backing to stand as a Momentum-backed NEC candidate on the: Fill out this application form before 6pm on Tuesday 25 January 2022. Let us know if you have any questions as well. If you have any questions please write into [email protected]

How will candidates be selected? 

Momentum’s NCG is committed to agreeing on unified slates of candidates with other relevant left organisations. A panel representing the NCG will assess the applications, consult with stakeholders, and may invite candidates for online interviews. Momentum will always work towards arriving at unified left slates wherever possible.

We ask candidates considering standing to wait until Momentum has taken a decision before submitting their candidacy into Labour’s online platform.


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