Applying to Momentum’s Young Labour National Committee Primary

Young Labour is the organisation representing over 100,000 Labour Party members under the age of 27, and the National Committee is its governing body. Young Labour has responsibilities for campaigning, political education, and support for training activities for younger members. In recent years, the National Committee has been predominantly run by the left, who have used it to promote left-wing policy positions and political education events for younger members. It is vitally important to ensure that the left continues to lead Young Labour so that it can continue to make, teach, and keep socialists.

The Labour Party nomination process for the National Committee has begun, and candidates for sections representing members (as opposed to affiliates) have until September 27th to pick up nominations from Young Labour members, before a ballot commencing on October 19th and ending on November 12th.

Momentum’s Endorsement Process

Momentum will run a first past the post primary to decide who to endorse for the Young Labour National Committee elections for the following 17 positions:

  • Chair
  • 11 regional representatives from each of the regions and nations (6 of whom must be women based on All Women Shortlists)
  • 3 student representatives, 2 of whom must be women
  • 1 under 18s representative
  • An International Officer

Voter Eligibility

Momentum members who join Momentum by the close of the Momentum ballot and are under 27 as of the close of voting in the Labour Party election on November 13th 2020 will be eligible to vote. The specific eligibility for the different sections is as follows:

  • Regional Reps – Under the age of 27 and living in the respective region or nation.
  • Under 18s – Under the age of 18
  • Student Reps – Student members (registered to a Higher Education Institution) under the age of 27
  • International Rep – Under the age of 27
  • Chair – Under the age of 27

In order to register age, student status, and update your address please log into My Momentum here. To join Momentum, click here. Only Momentum members who have registered their age, student status, and address will be able to vote in all the sections they are eligible for.

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates must be paid members of Momentum at the time of the shortlisting, must have at least 12 months’ continuous membership of the Labour Party as of October 19th 2020, and must be under 27 as of the close of voting on November 13th 2020. Candidates who fall into the respective demographic and geographical groups, and who meet the criteria will be able to stand. A shortlisting panel representing the NCG will assess the applications to check that they meet the criteria before approving candidates for the primary. If you are applying to be a regional representative in Eastern, East Midlands, London, South East, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber you must be a self-identifying woman.

BAME Representation

In order to ensure BAME representation, a minimum of 5 candidates from the overall slate of 17 must identify as BAME. If less than this number are elected, the places will be filled by the BAME candidate(s) who lose by the smallest margin in any given section.

Women’s Representation

The primary will apply All Women Shortlists (AWS’s) for the regional positions that mirror the Labour Party AWS’s (Eastern, East Midlands, London, South East, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber). For the student rep positions, two out of three of the candidates must be women, using the same method as BAME representation.


  • Wednesday 12th August: Launch
  • Midnight, Friday 21st August: Deadline for candidate applications
  • Tuesday 25th August ‒ Wed 26th August: Shortlisting
  • Friday 28th August: Ballot opens
  • Wednesday 2nd September: Ballot closes
  • Sunday 27th September: Labour Party Nominations Close
  • Monday 19th October: Labour Party Ballot Opens
  • Thursday 12th November: Labour Party Ballot Closes


Apply by filling in this application form by midnight on Friday 21st August. This form includes a space for your 400 word statement. This statement will also be sent out with the ballot if you are shortlisted.

In terms of further supporting materials that the form requires, please provide a square photo with no political branding which will be sent out with the ballot, as well as photographic proof of your student status if you are standing for one of those positions. All candidates must also provide a screenshot of their digital Labour Party membership card which you can access by logging into My Labour.

Momentum reserves the right to take appropriate action where a candidate’s statements or actions appear to contradict any of Momentum’s principles or objectives, such as asking for clarifications and/or further evidence or excluding a given candidate from running in the primary.

Nominate Lara McNeill for NEC Youth Representative

If you are a Labour member and under 27 years old you can also nominate Lara McNeill, a socialist and a junior doctor who has been a strong voice for young as NEC Youth Representative for two years and is now re-standing. Nominations are crucial so if you’re a Labour member under 27 years please click here to nominate Lara by filling in her name and membership number – L1326015. It takes 30 seconds! Click here to find out more about Lara and why you should nominate her.