Building a socialist youth movement


Students took to the streets and forced the government to u-turn on their decision to rob a generation of their futures.

The Tories’ A-Level algorithm was not about government incompetence, as many politicians have claimed. It was about class. It was a system rigged to benefit private schools and disadvantage working class students.

But the rigged system doesn’t end with this algorithm. It permeates our society. That’s why we have to make sure that this u-turn is just the beginning of a movement to abolish private schools, scrap tuition fees, end austerity, tackle systemic racism, and to campaign for rent caps, affordable housing and for a Green New Deal.

To do that, we have to build the biggest and most powerful movement for socialism our country has ever seen. If you’re not a Momentum member, join now to help us build that movement.

We’re hosting a Zoom rally tonight, Tuesday 18 August, at 6:30pm with A-Level protesters and climate strikers to discuss building a mass socialist youth movement and to discuss our primaries where young members vote for their representatives. Click here to register for the rally.

P.S — if you’re under 27 please take 30 seconds to nominate Lara McNeill for youth rep on Labour’s NEC, it’s governing body (her membership number is L1326015). Lara is a junior doctor who has been a strong representative for young people and for socialist policies on the NEC for the last two years and is now re-standing. Find out more about why to support Lara here.


Momentum’s Young Labour primary:

Part of building that movement is developing a strong, socialist youth wing. Momentum is currently holding a primary where Momentum members under the age of 27 will decide who we back for Young Labour’s leadership, helping us find our Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes and making sure young people are leading the movement and directly choosing their representatives.

So if you’re under 27 and not yet a Momentum member, join now and have your say on who Momentum backs to represent you

If you’re already a Momentum member, click here to register your age and student status with us so you can vote for your representatives. You will only receive a ballot if you register!

Or why not put yourself forward for Momentum’s backing? Click here to find out more about standing as a candidate.

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