Conference Arrangements Committee – Disabled Representative

The Conference Arrangements Committee oversees the agenda for Party Conference and takes key decisions including deciding whether rule changes are in order with party procedures. The CAC is comprised of 2 CLP reps who are elected by One Member One Vote, 5 general section reps elected by 5050 electoral college at Conference (50% trade unions and other affiliates, 50% by CLP delegates), and a disabled rep elected by a 5050 electoral college at Conference.

Momentum’s NCG is currently taking applications from candidates interested in Momentum’s support to be the disabled representative.

Person Specification

Candidates applying need to be committed to improving accessibility of Conference for disabled members, as well as ensuring that Conference is organised so as to maximise the voice of party members as much as possible. They also need to be committed to attending relevant meetings, particularly in the run-up to and during Party Conference.

As this position is voted on by an electoral college it is essential that candidates are active in an affiliated trade union and have a prospect of getting support from trade unions. It is also highly desirable that they are able to get the backing of Disability Labour and other left organisations.

How to apply?

Please fill in DCAC Momentum Application Form and return it to [email protected] by midday on Wednesday January 20th. The applications will be considered by a panel representing the Equalities Committee of the National Coordinating Group. If you require any adjustments to be made please let us know.