Labour Conference 2022

Labour Party Conference is the sovereign body in the Party’s policy-making process, where delegates come together to discuss and decide rule changes and policies. Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) elect their delegates to the Labour Party Conference any time between January and midday on Friday June 17th at noon. 

This is a crucial Conference where the objective will be to resist the continual efforts of the Party leadership to crush democracy and drive Party policy towards the right, so it is essential that CLPs elect delegates committed to these objectives. 

Delegate Entitlements

CLPs are entitled to one delegate for the first 749 full members and a further delegate for every additional 250 individual members. At least every second delegate from a CLP has to be a woman, and where only one delegate is appointed this must be a woman at least every second year. In CLPs where there are 100 or more women members, an additional woman delegate may be appointed. In CLPs where there are 30 or more young members, an additional delegate under the age of 27 may be appointed. To be eligible for nomination, delegates must have joined the Labour Party on or before December 2021.

CLPs do not have to appoint their full delegate entitlement, although they do have the option of crowdfunding to finance additional delegates. CLPs have until midday on June 17th to submit information of the delegates they are sending to Conference.

Policy Motions and our Policy Primary

Nearly 2,500 Momentum members and numerous campaign groups took part in our Policy Primary, demonstrating the ideas and energy that power our movement

From public ownership of energy to repealing anti-trade union laws, Momentum members have produced a radical programme to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and put power back in the hands of the people. The successful motions are available here. In addition the NCG has decided to support two additional motions which you can read here.

CLPs can submit either one motion or a rule change. CLPs that decide to submit a motion rather than a rule change can submit their motion from anytime up until 5pm on Thursday 15 September 2021 to submit nominations (appeals for motions ruled out of order by the CAC at Conference, and the deadline for emergency motions, covering issues which occur after the 13th, is Thursday 22 September at 12 noon). In addition, as many as six motions from the CLP section can be debated at Conference, as well as six motions supported by affiliates.

Rule Changes

Momentum is supporting the following rule changes at this year’s Conference. All these rule changes attempt to protect the rights of members and prevent the authoritarian excesses of the Party leadership. It is a high priority to win rule changes at the Party Conference, so if you have the numbers in your CLP, please prioritise one of these. 

Candidate Nominations

Constituency Labour Parties are able to nominate candidates for the following positions. CLPs have until midday on Friday June 17th to submit nominations.

National Executive Committee

Momentum are supporting the following candidates for the NEC:

  • CLP Section: Mish Rahman, Gemma Bolton, Jess Barnard, and Yasmine Dar.
  • Youth Rep: Lara McNeill
  • BAME Rep: Ankunda Matsiko
  • Disabled Members’ Rep: Ellen Morrison
  • Welsh Rep: Lynn Jones

For full information on the candidates, see the Future We Need website here

 Local Government Representatives

Momentum are supporting Matt White and Aneesa Akbar for the NEC Local Government Representatives. You can see their campaign website here. The deadline for Labour Groups to nominate is 17th June. 

Young Labour National Committee

CLPs can nominate candidates for the YLNC if there is no Young Labour Branch in covering their area. For full information on the Momentum-backed slate, see the Socialist Future webpage here.

Conference Arrangements Committee – Disabled Members’ Rep

The Conference Arrangement Committee is the committee which oversees the agenda and running of Conference, and is an 8-person committee including 2 CLP representatives, 5 General Section representatives (also elected this year, voted for by trade union and CLP delegates), and 1 disabled members’ representative (also voted for by trade union and CLP delegates, to be elected next year). This year the disabled members’ representative is up for election.

Momentum is supporting Joshua Harcup (L1799871) for this election.

National Constitutional Committee (NCC)

The NCC oversees the disciplinary process within the party, determining cases put to them by the NEC. This important committee is made up of 25 members in total split into three sections. This year four members of the CLP section are to be elected. 

Momentum is supporting the following three candidates:

  •  Daniel Blaney A885633
  • Khaled Moyeed L0128862
  • Cecile Wright A481880

Their statements are available here


National Labour Students Committee

Labour Party members who are registered students can nominate candidates for these elections. For full information, see the Socialist Future webpage here.