Labour Party Organising

Last updated 16/01/2023

As we enter 2023 with the Tories self imploding, it’s looking more and more likely that the next general election will see a Labour victory. That’s why it’s vital that socialists in the party get organised.

Policies such as public ownership, wealth taxes, scrapping all anti-union legislation, and abolishing tuition fees are all immensely popular amongst the membership. Find below some actions you can take as a Labour Party member to keep up the pressure and ensure the leadership listens. 

Motions to take to your CLP

This year we must show that  Labour Party members are opposed to the agenda of the Labour right: private providers in the NHS, moving away from commitments to free education and failure to support workers in struggle. Take the following motions to your CLP to do just that.

Oppose Healthcare Privatisation

It’s extremely disappointing to see that, despite a motion passed unanimously at last year’s conference to the contrary, Keir Starmer has proposed a public-private partnership model in the NHS.

Pass Momentum’s motion – based on a statement by the Socialist Health Association –  in your CLP to demand that Keir Starmer and Wes Streeting to commit to the policy democratically agreed by the Labour Party – preventing further privatisation and immediately returning all privatised parts of the NHS to public ownership and control.

Access the motion here.

Socialist Future

Education should be free for all, from cradle to grave. It was this principle that led our Party to introduce free secondary school education for all children and establish the Open University. It was also this principle that led the last Labour manifesto rightly to promise to ‘end the failed free-market experiment in higher education, abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants’. This position must be retained. 

Pass the model motion in your CLPs, Labour Clubs, and Young Labour Branches to demand free education, an end to tuition fees and the re-introduction of maintenance grants.

Access the motion here.

Ban Dark Money 

A new Sky investigation has revealed that shadow cabinet members Wes Streeting and Yvette Cooper have taken hundreds of thousands of pounds of dark money from the shell company MPM Connect. With the Tories mired in sleaze, Labour needs to lead from the front to restore trust in politics.

Pass our motion in your CLP to demand that:

  • Labour recommits to the pledges made in the 2019 manifesto to clean up politics – including banning the funnelling of dark money through shell companies
  • Labour MPs in receipt of funding from dark money groups should return the donations immediately

Access the motion here.

Labour for labour 

Waves of strike action continue in Britain in 2023, as workers defend their pay, jobs and conditions amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

In September 2022, Labour conference unanimously backed a pay-rise in line with inflation and unequivocal support to all workers taking strike action, yet the Labour leadership is still on the fence.

Pass the model motion in your CLP to demand that the party abides by the motions passed at conference, commits to repealing all anti-trade union laws, and to organise local delegations of Labour members to picket lines, asking all councillors and elected office holders locally to join.

Access the motion here.

Labour for a Green New Deal 

When campaigning to be leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer stood on a platform of pledges, including ‘common ownership of energy’ and to ‘Put the Green New Deal at the heart of everything we do’. L4GND’s Public Power Now campaign expands on these pledges, arguing for full public ownership and democratic control of the UK energy system. 

Pass their motion at your CLP to put pressure on the Labour Party to adopt it as official policy.

Access the motion here.

Conference Delegate Elections & AGMs


CLPs have until 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2023 to elect delegates, and nominate for the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC).

The Labour Party has confirmed that delegates for the 2023 Conference will be elected  under current boundaries

The timing of AGMs will vary depending on when their last AGM was and whether the CLP will change due to the boundary review.


Conference Arrangements Committee & National Constitutional Committee 

Momentum is looking for candidates to stand for the Conference Arrangements Committee and National Constitutional Committee. If you would like to be considered for Momentum’s support, please fill in this form by Sunday 22nd January, 6pm. Please read this key information and person specification document before applying.