National Policy Forum 2022

Constituency Labour Parties currently have the chance to nominate representatives to serve for approximately two years on the National Policy Forum (NPF).

The NPF is the Labour Party’s rolling policymaking institution. It has 55 representatives who are elected for a two year term by the party membership on a One Member One Vote basis by region (five per region, one of whom must be a Young Labour representative, and two of the remaining four must be a woman).

Momentum are campaigning for the following candidates in each region:

South East

Carol Hayton

Dan Hermitage

Joyce Still

Charlie Wilson-Marklew


North West

Nick Parnell

Lorraine Beavers

Michael Garvey

Natasha Carlin

Max Czesalski (Youth Representative)



Dave Levy

Cam Rose

Carol Turner

Adrian Weir


Yorkshire and the Humber

Carole Doherty

Rashida Islam

George McManus

Riaz Meer

Jack Ballingham (Youth Representative)


South West

Carol Wilcox



Zoe Allan

Dawn McGuinness

Sam Pritchard

Sean Thompson

Dylan Lewis-Rowlands (Youth Representative)


East Midlands

Tom Unterrainer



Christopher Barbour

Anna Dyer

Katrina Faccenda

Mike Martin




Russell Cartwright

Juliet Miller

Shahid Nadeem

Saffron Anderton


West Midlands

Dominic Smith-Jones

Teresa Beddis



Paul Daly

Michelle Fox

Rochelle Charlton-Lain

Denise Robson

Andrew Hedges (Youth Representative)



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