Tuesday Briefings


National Constitutional Committee Ballot

Momentum are asking that you support Daniel Blaney (West Ham CLP, A885633) for the National Constitutional Committee. Voting opens at 9am today and we must stress that delegates should go and pick up their ballots as soon as voting opens. You can collect your ballots from the ballot area.  Only ONE ballot paper will be issued per CLP on a first come first serve basis, so it is essential that that vote is cast by a delegate in accordance with the wishes of the entire delegation and CLP.


Rule Changes

A number of rule changes will be debated this morning. Momentum has positions on the following rule changes:

Card vote 10. Membership of other parties, Broxtowe: CHAPTER 2 Clause I, Section 4.B Page 10

Support. This rule change would clarify the currently flawed rule that potentially rules large numbers of party members ineligible for membership simply for being members of campaign organisations.

Card vote 13. Annual Conference standing orders, Islington North and South Derbyshire: CHAPTER 3 Clause III, Section 1 Procedural Rules for Conference Page 15

Support. This rule change will provide greater clarity, transparency, and accountability to Conference proceedings, ensuring that the rights of delegates are upheld in accordance with party rules.

Card vote 14. Constitutional amendments, Blackley and Broughton, Burnley, Filton and Bradley Stoke, Newport West: CHAPTER 3 Clause III, Section 2 Page 13

Support. This rule change is essential to allowing party members to democratise the party from the bottom up, by allowing them Conference to debate rule changes submitted in the same year.

Card vote 17. Abolition of registered supporter status, Kingswood: CHAPTER 4 Clause II, Section C. vi Voting – Registered Supporters Page 19

Oppose if not remitted. This rule change will limit the ability of the party to reach out to a wider section of the population and encourage them into a pathway towards membership.

Card vote 23. Creation of Local Government Committees, City of Durham: CHAPTER 12 Clause I and IV Rules for Local Campaign Forums Page 52

Support if not remitted. This rule change would improve accountability in local government.

Composite Motions

Today, Conference will debate composite motions covering Brexit, Palestine, and Justice for the Windrush Generation. Momentum supports all composites.