National Policy Forum 2018

Constituency Labour Parties currently have the chance to nominate representatives to serve for approximately two years on the National Policy Forum (NPF).

The NPF is the Labour Party’s rolling policymaking institution. It has 55 representatives who are elected for a two year term by the party membership on a One Member One Vote basis by region (five per region, one of whom must be a Young Labour representative, and two of the remaining four must be a woman).

Momentum are campaigning for the following candidates in each region, all of whom are supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA):

South East

Dan Dobson (Crawley, L1232715)

Joyce Still (North East Hampshire, – A193693)

Alex Chapman (Milton Keynes North, L1440475) 

Joy Gough (Horsham, L1321605 )

Gemma Bolton (Mid Sussex, L1405940 – youth representative)

North West

Lorraine Beavers (Lancaster and Fleetwood, A247253)

Angela Coleman (Garston and Halewood, L1323362)

Mohammed Azam (Oldham West and Royton, L602666)

Michael Garvey (Weaver Vale, L0142975)

George Downs (Liverpool Wavertree, L1234811 – youth representative)


Mika Minio-Paluello (Walthamstow, L1395646)

Yannis Gourtsayannis (Hornsey and Wood Green, L0148768)

Grace Blakeley (Streatham, L1279152)

Carol Turner (Vauxhall,  A046472)

Samiya Malik (Romford, L1363904 – youth representative)

Yorkshire and the Humber

Olivia Blake (Sheffield Central, L0077508)

Ann Cryer (Shipley, A223758 )

George Norman (York Central, L1223836 )

Aisling Musson (York Central, L1223823 – youth representative)

South West

Holly Jarrett (Exeter, L1443290)

Carol Wilcox (Christchurch, A628327)

Thomas Pearce (Bristol South, L1370143 ) 

Alex Mockridge (Totnes, L1398741 – youth representative)


Tony Beddow (Swansea West, A917423)

Maggie Simpson (Cardiff Central, A437318)

Mike Bird (Aberconwy, A628473)

Sophie Williams (Cardiff West, L0084960)

Elly Owen (Cardiff Central, L1305102 – youth representative)

East Midlands

Adele Williams (Nottingham East, L0119733)

Cecile Wright (Derby North, A481680)

Alice Grice (Sherwood, L1150029)

Tom Unterrainer (Nottingham East, A859456)

Sophie Clarke-Vale (Broxtowe, L1291231 – youth representative)


Sean Duffy (Glasgow Cathcart, L1238825)

Rhea Wolfson (Almond Valley, L1205274)

Caitlin Kane (Almond Valley, L1186513)

Grant Aitken (Clackmannanshire, L1435187)

Andrew Bustard (Coatbridge and Chryston, L1460328 – youth representative)


Russell Carwright (Luton South, A065724)

Shelly Darwin (Ipswich, L0148384)

Paul Hunt (Harwich and North Essex, L0147025)

Jo Rust (North West Norfolk, L1151270)

Owen Hooper (Basildon and Billericay, L1273686 – youth representative)

West Midlands

Su Lowe (Stourbridge, A674134)

Simon Foster (Birmingham, Hall Green, A079102)

Bob Lloyd (West Bromwich West, A185936)

Teresa Beddis (Meriden, A399419)


John Taylor (Redcar, A652247)

Denise Robson (Gateshead, A654852)

Harry Cross (City of Durham, L1204866)

Mary Foy (Blaydon, A612178)

Charlotte Austin (Bishop Auckland, L1304515 – youth representative)



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