Momentum Convention 2024. Your movement, your choice. Sunday 10th March.

Last updated 05/03/2024 

The results are in! We can now reveal the three campaigns and three constitutional amendments that have been prioritised for debate by our members for our upcoming Convention, taking place Sunday 10th March: 10am to 3:30pm. 

You can find a full breakdown of the votes below: 



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Solidarity Campaign with Gaza & Palestine

Composite submitted by: Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Gaya Sriskanthan, Mohammad Suhail (NCG), Rathi Guha, Ruth Appleton

Despite the ICJ ruling and decades of UN resolutions, Labour front bench policy has been extremely weak on this issue, including failing to support calls for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine. In its failure to stand up for the human rights of Palestinians, the Starmer Leadership is out of step with its membership and the principles of the Labour movement. 

Momentum’s 2024 Convention: IS AWARE of the increasingly desperate situation in Gaza as a result of Israel’s genocidal campaign, with tens of thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel, many of them children, and recognises the urgency of

– an immediate ceasefire

∙ protecting civilians, including healthcare workers,

∙ providing unrestricted aid delivery and 

∙ avoiding regional conflagrations. 


∙ with the UN Secretary General that Hamas attacks cannot justify collective punishment of the Palestinian people, and 

∙ with the ICJ order of 26 January requiring Israel to take all steps within its power to ensure genocidal acts are not being committed in its war on Gaza. 

BELIEVES that Britain, the US, and other western allies should be acting to bring about an immediate and permanent ceasefire. 

THEREFORE, DECIDES that Momentum will 

  • campaign in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people, dedicating substantial campaigns and communications resources to this aim; 
  • As part of this campaign, to demand:
    • 1) the UK stops providing arms and other military support to Israel, focussed on the government as well as the official Labour opposition, 
    • 2) the restoration and increase of funding to UNRWA;
    • 3) that Israel be held accountable for war crimes and genocide;
    • 4) the UK Government (and Labour Opposition) commit to comply with and enforce all ICJ rulings, including the interim ruling.
  • As part of this campaign, Momentum should:
    • Produce tools, resources and training to equip members to fight for ceasefire and justice for Palestinians, in CLP’s, union branches and workplaces (including model motions and template letters to MP’s), 
    • Promote BDS in councils
    • Organise a visible presence on local and national demonstrations whenever possible 
    • Join with and use its mailing list to support actions by other organisations, such as Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Campaign Against the Arms Trade, where appropriate to pursue this demand.

Momentum’s NCG and staff should also review what additional activities could be undertaken as part of this campaign, and report back on this campaign at quarterly intervals.

Campaign for Local Government Funding

Composite submitted by Nabeela Mowlana and Kirsty Jones

Massive cuts to local government settlement funding have left councils across the country unable to balance their budgets and struggling to deliver even their minimum statutory services.

Labour is now the largest party in local government in England for the first time since 2002. But Keir Starmer is yet to commit to restoring proper funding under a future Labour Government. This issue will have a broad appeal within the labour movement, particularly amongst councillors and relevant trade unions.

The objective of the campaign is to encourage the Labour Party to adopt as policy (and implement in government) reform of local government financing in England to end the austerity regime defunding local councils and damaging communities.

This can be achieved in two particular ways:

  1. Reverse government grant cuts to ensure all statutory responsibilities of councils are fully funded as well as providing adequate funding for councils to use their discretionary powers according to local priorities
  2. Replace council tax and business rates with property taxes proportionate to value and paid by the property owners

Acknowledging that local government is a devolved issue in both Scotland and Wales, in the run up to and after the next General Election, Momentum should take this issue to English CLPs with a conference motion. Emphasising the importance of local democracy, Momentum should also utilise its successful Councillor Network and links with trade unions, particularly the Time for Real Change Campaign in UNISON (which represents many local government workers)  to hold events, have conversations and build a coalition to tell Starmer loud and clear: end the local government funding crisis.

Tax the rich to rebuild the NHS!

Daniel Randall, Martin Thomas

This would be a campaign to mobilise people in CLPs and affiliated unions for pressure on an incoming Labour government (and the Labour leadership in the run-up to the general election). The aim: get Labour to commit to, and carry through, higher taxes on the rich and big business to fund rebuilding the NHS.

It would involve joint work with groups like Keep Our NHS Public; motions to CLPs and to union conferences and to Labour conference 2024 (if held); lobbying MPs; Momentum efforts to mobilise for and organise contingents (with banners, placards, etc.) on pro-NHS demonstrations and NHS workers’ picket lines; social media output and maybe a petition or open letter from Momentum to spread the message.

Constitutional Amendments 

Expand Momentum’s Membership

James Schneider

Clause Affected

7.1.ii, 7.8, 7.11, 7.12, 7.16

Edit clause 7.1.ii:

7.1. Membership is open to anyone who either was a financial subscriber of Momentum on 10 January 2017, or


  (ii) Is a member of the Labour Party and no other political party nor an or eligible for membership of the Labour Party and is not a member of an organisation disallowed by the NCG;


Replace clause 7.11:

7.11. Membership in the Momentum Movement Builders scheme is open to who …

7.11. The category of “Momentum Movement Builders” is abolished. All Movement Builders to be offered Momentum membership.

Delete clauses 7.8, 7.12 and 7.16

7.8. Any member who does not join the Labour Party by 1 July 2017, or ceases to be a member of the Labour Party, or acts inconsistently with Labour Party membership, may be deemed to have resigned.

7.12. There will be a minimum annual fee to be a Movement Builder.

7.16. Movement Builders are not entitled to the rights of full membership as detailed in this constitution.



Expand Momentum’s membership to include both Labour members and non-members who are eligible for Labour membership. Momentum membership will remain closed to members of rival political parties. Consequently, the Movement Builder tier is abolished.

This will both expand the pool of membership for the organisation, making it more financially sustainable, and better reflect the breadth and strength of the coalition brought together to form the organisation. It will maintain Momentum’s relevance both inside the Labour Party and on the broader left.

This criteria is similar to the Fabians’, a longstanding Labour-affiliated organisation “open to everyone on the left”.

Labour Leader and Deputy Leader Endorsements

North Essex Momentum

Clauses Affected

Amend clauses 17.1, 17.2, 17.4, add new clause 17.5.


Replace section 17:

  1. Labour Party Leadership and Deputy Leadership


17.1. Momentum may only endorse candidates for Leader or Deputy Leader of the Labour Party following a ballot of all members, except in the scenario described in Rule 17.4.

17.2. Candidates requesting Momentum’s endorsement shall automatically be included on this ballot provided they are members of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs.

17.3. The ballot will also contain the option of making no endorsement.

17.4. If there are no Socialist Campaign Group members requesting Momentum’s endorsement, or none still in the contest, the NCG shall have discretion to determine how Momentum’s endorsement is decided and how any membership ballot should be conducted.

17.4. The NCG may provide members with its own view on the question of endorsement at the time of the ballot, if this is agreed at a full NCG meeting.

17.5. Official hustings shall also be organised and all candidates requesting Momentum’s endorsement shall be invited



The May 2023 NCG meeting agreed to give the NCG full discretion to decide how to determine Momentum’s endorsement in future Labour leadership and deputy leadership elections if no SCG MP makes the ballot. 

This ignores the outcome of the Refounding process, where members voted overwhelmingly (85%) for members to decide with all candidates seeking endorsement on the ballot, and against giving the NCG full discretion (15%).

This change respects what members decided, ensuring any endorsement has maximum support and avoiding a disruptive disagreement between members and leadership, while allowing a role for the NCG to state its own view.

The change also adds a new clause stating that hustings for candidates requesting Momentum’s endorsement will be invited, as voted for through Refounding.

Update Momentum’s affiliate criteria

Dorothy Macedo

Clauses Affected



Delete “or the Labour Party” in clause 13.1.iv:

13.1. The following organisations may affiliate to Momentum provided that they accept the rules of Momentum and their representatives abide by the code of ethics:

(iv) other groups as agreed by the NCG, provided that the NCG may not agree to the affiliation of groups whose programme and policy is incompatible with that of Momentum or the Labour Party, or who support candidates for public office from parties other than the Labour Party.



This amendment would allow for affiliates who diverge, like Momentum and many of its affiliates, from the Labour Leadership on matters of policy. It would retain the need for Momentum affiliates not to be supporters of other political parties. 

The original constitution was written during the Corbyn leadership when Momentum’s policy and that of the Labour Leadership aligned. While Momentum-backed policies are also supported across the Labour membership and movement, the Starmer leadership has moved in a rightward, anti-democratic direction. This amendment would prevent potential affiliates from being disbarred by Momentum for supporting socialist policies.

This amendment could provide the catalyst for a renewed push to increase Momentum’s affiliates.