The National Coordinating Group

Following Momentum's 2020 leadership election, the following candidates have been elected as member and public office holder representatives on Momentum's National Coordinating Group.

Alongside the 20 member representatives and 4 public office holder representatives below, the NCG is also made up of 6 members nominated by affiliated trade unions and 4 members nominated by other affiliated organisations.

Yorkshire, Scotland, the North East, Cumbria, and International

Callum Bell



Gaya Sriskanthan



Liz Smith

Disputes Chair

Rory Maclean


South East and South West

Darran McLaughlin


Jennifer Forbes


Phil Clarke


Shona Jemphrey


North West and Wales

Alan Gibbons


Charlie Bollaan


Harriet Protheroe-Soltani



Tracey Hylton



Midlands and the East

Abbie Clark


Andrew Scattergood



Mish Rahman


Solma Ahmed



Ana Oppenheim


Deborah Hermanns


Mick Moore


Sonali Bhattacharyya



Public office holders

Emine Ibrahim


Jon Trickett


Leigh Drennan


Sarah Doyle


Affiliated organisations

Campaign for Socialism

Craig Andersen

How do I contact the NCG?

You can contact the NCG by email – [email protected]

Updates/Reports from the NCG

NCG meeting minutes can be found here.

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