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The Educator – #005

Something is stirring in Britain. As another economic crisis savages the country, the ruling class strike up a familiar tune: it’s the working class who should pay the price; runaway corporate profits are untouchable; ‘there’s nothing we can do’. Collectively, the...

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The Educator – #004

⬤ Putin's war Putin’s war on Ukraine has led to thousands of deaths, upended the world order, and intensified the global energy crisis. At home in Britain, it has led to an outpouring of support for Ukrainian refugees – if not for black and brown people fleeing war...

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The Educator – #003

⬤ Don’t Think Like a Liberal Last month, the current Labour leadership declared that the party is opposed to the ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ movement, which aims to pressure the Israeli government into ending its illegal treatment of Palestinians using tactics...

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The Educator – #002

⬤ Why is this topic important? How should white people relate to black people? What does it mean for men to support women’s struggles for equality? How should people who aren’t direct victims of certain forms of oppression relate to others who are? And what about the...

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The Educator – #001

⬤ Why does this topic matter? The Labour Party was formed in 1900. But what led to its emergence? Historians have argued that the period beginning with the downfall of Chartism after 1848 and ending with the Taff Vale case (1900-1901) left a lasting legacy upon the...

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