Shaping the agenda for Conference 2021


Results are in for Momentum’s Policy Primary

The votes are in and we’re excited to share the results of our first every Policy Primary.

The eight winning motions are the basis of a transformative vision we will take to this year’s Labour Conference. The NCG have also voted to support a further three motions reflecting recent political developments.

Key facts and figures:

  • 70 motions submitted for compositing
  • 33 motions agreed for ballot
  • 35 meetings across the country
  • 2954 votes cast
  • 8 successful motions

You can view the 33 motions that went to ballot here.

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How it works

Local Momentum groups, unaffiliated campaigning organisations, and affiliated organisations/trade unions can all submit policy motions to be part of the Primary.

After compositing and shortlisting, the resulting motions will move to a one-member-one-vote ballot, where every Momentum member will rank their favourites.

The most popular 8 motions will be chosen for Momentum’s 2021 conference mobilisation.

If we’re going to change the Labour Party and the country, we need to make the big decisions about the future of our movement together.

Policy Primary Guidance

If you and your local Momentum group want to participate in our first ever Policy Primary, then read the guidance below.

And if you want to find out more about how we’re selecting rule change motions for this year’s Labour Party Conference, then read about this separate process here

Policy Primary Timeline

The following timeline is outlined in greater detail in our Official Policy Primary Procedures and Guidance.


  • 19th January ― timeline and guidance sent to Momentum members.
  • 31st January ― Deadline for unaffiliated organisations to apply to participate in the process.
  • 23rd February, midnight ― Deadline for groups to submit motions on My.Momentum.
  • Early March ― NCG Working Group to compile recommended shortlist of motions, liaising between all organisations involved to agree on motions to be recommended, redrafting, compositing, otherwise changing motions where necessary.
  • 16th March ― NCG Working Group submits recommended shortlist of motions.
  • 17th March ― Full NCG meets to discuss.
  • 24th March ― Members ballot opens on My.Momentum.
  • 31st March ― Members ballot closes.
  • Early to mid September ― NCG decides what to prioritise with preference for motions backed by members.

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