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The current moment demands far-reaching change, yet the Government and the political centre will not provide it. Our movement can.

Jeremy Corbyn is no longer leader of the Labour Party, but there is a whirlwind of new movements and ideas running through society that have the power to change it.

Momentum is at the heart of this, but we need a plan. We need a plan to build a movement for socialism, in the Labour Party and in our communities.

So here’s ours. Read it here.

Our plan, Socialist Organising in a New Era, outlines three strategic priorities that will guide our organisation over the coming years:

  • Elect socialists and win the radical policies the current moment demands
  • Support struggles in our communities and workplaces
  • Scale up political education in our movement and across the country

To succeed we need to do things differently. We need every Momentum member to become an organiser. We need to develop the next generation of movement leaders and we need to win campaigns locally and nationally. And we need to do it democratically.

So join us, and tens of thousands of Momentum members across the country, and together let’s get started on the next stage of Momentum’s journey.

What next?

At 7pm on Thursday March 18th we will be holding a mass strategy call with NCG members. There, we can discuss our new strategy, the future of our movement, and how you can play a leading role.

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Socialists can only win if we’re united and organised.


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